Education and Qualifications

The Register recognises a number of training establishments, and may also approve of such other sources of training undertaken by an applicant for membership at the discretion of the Board. Entry to the Register is restricted to therapists having completed a minimum of 2 years part-time study in Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Therapy or equivalent, or higher qualification in the field of Therapy, at an accredited teaching facility. Plus the Higher Diploma in Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Therapy.

Where an applicant’s qualifications are deemed by the board to be insufficient for membership of the Register, the Board will suggest routes of further education and training at a number of recognised training facilities to the applicant. Following the successful completion of further education and training the applicant may reapply for membership.

What is C.P.D:

C.P.D means continuing professional development . C.P.D is a range of learning activities through which health professionals maintain and develop throughout their career to ensure that they retain their capacity to practice safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope of practice.

It is a ROSTI requirement that members complete 20 C.P.D hours per year. Ten of these hours must be structured which means they are accumulated by attending an approved course. The other 10 hours are accumulated through personal studies, i.e. by reading books or articles. By being involved in discussions with peers or attending meetings of peers.

Put simply, C.P.D is to help professionals continue to learn and develop throughout their career so they keep their skills and knowledge up to date and are able to work safely, legally and effectively.

This will contribute to the quality of your practice and service delivery. Internationally the trend with complimentary therapist is towards self-regulation which is deemed to be ethics driven with professional associations holding their members to code of ethics and good practice. We have set up this organisation where we register members who meet our standards.

We will keep a register of members that meet these requirements. We will provide an organisation international in scope and activity for the persons engaged in the scientific application and study of orthopaedic treatments.

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Members Benefits

Approval for members by VHI, Laya and Irish Life Health. Access to articles on conditions and injuries, upcoming course and advertising etc. C.P.D. courses organised in Ireland on subjects that have significant interest in orthopaedic and soft tissue therapists.

Access to ROSTI group insurance scheme offering great cover at a competitive price.